KODAK Dry lab photo 7000

Rp. 40.000.000,-

Kodak 7000 PhotoPrinter

he New KODAK 7000 thermal printer has a capacity of 1000 4x6 prints per printer unit, highest in its class. These printers, 

combined with the new XtraLife II media, expand the capability of thermal printing technology with new innovative print 


* Dual Finish: with one button, retailers can offer a selection of glossy and satin print surfaces from the same consumable 

* Clear Caption: a unique retailer configurable capability to print an order ID# for order tracking by a retail clerk or to 

print consumer image metadata such as image date inconspicuously right on the front of the print
* Patented Ribbon Optimization technology: retailers can cost effectively make 4x6, 6x8 and bordered 5x7 prints a single 

media sku using Kodak’s patented ribbon optimization technology

4r dicetak dlm waktu 7 detik
5r dicetak dlm waktu 11 detik
6r dicetak dlm waktu 11detik