SwiftCam M3S

Rp. 4.000.000,-

SwiftCam For MobileControl your SwiftCam wirelessly. Capture professional video with automated shooting.

We optimize for different mobile phones
User no longer need to optimize complex PID settings to fit different mobile phones with different weights, simply select the model of your mobile phones and send our optimized settings to your device

Wireless device upgrading
You never need cable to update your device anymore. We push firmware updates right on your mobile phones and what you need is to push that "Update" button

Unleash the power of Automated Shooting
Our mobile application enable different automated shooting modes such as automated horizontal pan, enable you to shooting highly stable video with pre-set movement paths

360-degree horizontal pan
Capture all the vivid lives in the surrounding world with SwiftCams unique 360-degree horizontal pan.

Contemporary design
SwiftCam M3S is designed with your style and comfort in mind. From the sleek power indicator to the ergonomic handgrip, as well as the fully plug & play system design, SwiftCam makes sure you are always a class above.